Vehicle Mind is a start-up that allows users to track their car's health and book maintenance appointments with the garages.
My role
I led end-to-end, cross-platform user experience design of digital auto care. 
Background __
How it works
VM Hub allows drivers to keep track of their vehicles health and safety.
What I started with
Prior to joining Vehicle Mind, a prototype Alpha version of the application was used to showcase the Hub's potential, without ensuring an intuitive and goal-based user experience. Testing showed customers are overwhelmed by the amount of data and found it hard to drive an intelligent ‘to-do’ list”. 
My Process__
1. Research and empathize
•  Who are the customers?
•  What is the product?
•  What are the goals?
2. Document findings
•  Service Blueprint
•  Personas
•  Customer Journey
•  Stakeholders Interviews 
•  Story Boards
3. Ideation
•  Brainstorming
•  Mood boards
•  Sketches and low-fi designs
•  Wireframes
4. Iterate & test
•  Testing with actual customers where possible,
•  Corridor/gorilla testing as a fallback.
5. Actual Design
•  Detailed design
•  Interaction design
•  Styleguides
•  Design System
•  Test
6. Prototype
•  Figma Prototype
•  And did I mention test?
7. Deliver for implementation
•  Meet with the devs/engineers to discuss potential miscommunication and dramatically reduce double handling.
•  Detailed screen flow to avoid misunderstandings
•  Assets ready for development
8. Support implementation
•  Keeping the lines of communication open between design and engineering to maintain trust, answer any question, send any asset and support any user edge case. 
Research __
Interviews with potential users
I conducted interviews to understand what are the needs of our potential users. I asked them about their pain points and happy moments in caring for their car. I also asked about other digital services they use today.
People use digital services in many aspects of their everyday life, yet when it comes to car maintenance, they call a garage to make an appointment.
Most users can perform simple maintenance tasks by themselves.
People usually go to the same garage they trust but don’t mind trying something else.
People prefer dealerships for maintenance and other garages for tire changes and minor repairs
User Personas
Documentation __
Created with the stakeholders to get everyone on the same page
The business model canvas: Helped me understand an existing business model and plan for the future.
Feature List: Helped me understand existing features and the development roadmap.
How might we?
Create… a better app for car maintenance.
For… non-technical users of any kind.
To… quickly and successfully maintain all their everyday car needs.
So that…Humans can spend less time on their cars and more on their lives.
First Sketches
One dashboard for different users
The stakeholders didn't want to give up any of the existing features. These features serve different types of users. How can we create one dashboard for so many use cases?

Solution: customizable dashboard
The solution was to create a customizable dashboard with the ability to change orders and hide the different cards. This way, each user got their starting screen. 
Detailed design__
Scores and Statistics
Maintenance and Alerts
Trips and Expense Reports

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