My Role
I was a UI/UX designer on this project during 2008-2010 during my work as a senior UI/UX designer in  "Aran design studio" in Israel. I continued working on its design for another 4 years as an independent consultant. This was a long and exciting project that changed over the years.
 HP Indigo 10000 Digital press was presented in 2013 as HP's revolution in digital print. Not only this printer could print works as big as B2 size, and up to 6,900 pages an hour. It also featured a new, intuitive user interface that simplifies the operation of the press presented on a 19" touch screen.

The interface we created is a screen attached to the digital press family printers allowing the printing operator to control the print jobs and troubleshoot issues
Detailed Design__
Printing Jobs
General view of printing jobs 
Ink Status
Used for checking ink levels and troubleshooting issues.

Orientation Menu
3D navigation allows operators to quickly find and troubleshoot issues.

Detailed Style Guide__
This project lasted many years and involved different players and stakeholders.
To keep everyone on the same page we provided a detailed style guide.

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